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$359 / once off
  • Save $120
  • Over 60 Gut balancing recipes
  • Daily Videos and exercises for emotional pathway remapping
  • Facebook Support group with professional support
  • Gym Guides and Workout videos for body balance
  • Build Physical Resilience
  • Build Mental Resilience
  • Balance your hormones, brain and energy

Up Front

$79.95 / Week
  • Billed weekly over 6 weeks
  • Over 60 Gut balancing recipes
  • Daily Videos and exercises for emotional pathway remapping
  • Facebook Support group with professional support
  • Gym Guides and Workout videos for body balance
  • Build Physical Resilience
  • Build Mental Resilience
  • Balance your hormones, brain and energy

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  • Premium or Clip on Red Lenses
  • 50ml Liquid Magnesium
  • Posture Corrector
  • Adrenal Stress Ease Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

Select your desired payment schedule and make sure you have all of the tools you need for the program (6wkHR Toolkit). 

You’ll be able to set your own username and password, then access the program immediately.

Do I need to do to the Pre-Program before hand?

Yes! It is full of the basic knowledge you need to understand how this program is different from anything else. 

Instead of having the goal of losing weight, healing your gut, getting fitter or practicing mindfulnessness, everything in this program is purposefully designed to restore balance to your body. When our body’s core system is functioning at it’s best it regulates your hormones, gut, brain chemicals, immune system and the other thousand or so systems itself. There is no ‘hack’. There is just giving your body what it needs so it can do it’s job. 

The pre-program helps you easily understand how your body works and how you can get control of it.

Best of all the Pre-program is free.

What makes this program different?

This program is set out over an intensive 6 weeks. It is similar to other programs in that you are given different exercises and recipes but even they are different. 

The program is split into 3 sections. With the overall goal of the program to give you the knowledge and tools to grab your health by the balls. 

Part 1: Reset

In this 2 week block; 

  • All of the recipes avoid any inflammatory foods. The aim of this is to minimise the inflammation coming in, to heal the gut and also support the adrenal glands and calm the brain by minimising chemical triggers for the stress response.
  • Movements: At the early stage we focus on boosting your mobility and also making any changes to your current exercise regiment for your whole health. Including hormones, digestion, immune, brain and energy levels.
  • Mind: The daily videos and exercises help you with your whole health, and in the first stage we help you cement new ways at looking at your thoughts. We introduce how you can catch your ‘negative’ thought processes and rewrite them. It’s more than meditation and mindfulness. Its understanding how your brain is working, and helping you re-write your pathways. Whilst your movement and food are boosting your positive brain chemicals.

Stage 2: Reveal

  • We highlight how you’re body may have been dysfunctional
  • Set goals and build on your previous goals for each part of your health. 
  • Understand how you have control over your body, and what your symptoms are telling you
  • Recipes start to introduce gut healing properties. Preparing the gut to be ready to start to re-introduce some inflammatory foods.
  • Movements focus on building stability, getting in the sweet spot of exercise (no under or over exercising), so you can access the health benefits of exercise. 

Final Stage: Re-write

  • Cement the balance and new patterns we have built over the last 4 weeks
  • Cultivate mental resilience and learn how to set yourself up after the program is finished
  • Develop physical body strength and endurance.

There is no one coming to save you. You are your own superwoman. You have the power to get control of your health. This program helps you do that.

Do you have an app?

At this time, the program is accessed only with your username and password via our website. 

You can save the website page as an app on your phone by following the steps in this video. 

Add to iPhone

Add to Samsung

The program is mobile phone, tablet and computer screen friendly. 

Can this help my anxiety?

Anxiety can have many different causes, and can range in severity from person to person. 

This program helps you identify the triggers you may have for your anxiety and re-map the pathway that is triggered in your brain. 

By focussing on balancing your gut, this program also helps you regulate your hormones and neurotransmitters, naturally. These are known to play a part in anxiety.

I have Endometriosis, is it ok for me to do this?

It is more than safe to do this program if you have endometriosis. 

As endometriosis is an immune mediated inflammatory condition, this program may help your symptoms as when we focus on balancing the function of the body, the immune system is better regulated and as a focal point of this program we focus on lowering inflammation, which is beneficial for endometriosis along with other chronic health conditions. ie. Autoimmune disorders.

If you haven’t already, it is recommended that you seek specialist opinion on your specific case, and your health needs.

Do I need any equipment?

The movement plans are designed with you in mind. 

If you’re someone with a gym membership already, then we have PDF’s with different exercises you can be doing at the gym. All of these are centred around creating balance in your brain. 

The at home workouts DO NOT require any equipment and can be in as much space as your bedroom floor. 

The only recommended equipment is the 6wkHR Toolkit. These are specifically chosen for their unique benefits on the brain and cells of the body.

You can do all the hard work, but if your brain and cells aren’t happy, you won’t get very far.