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About Dr. Anthea Todd

Hey! I’m Dr. Anthea Todd (B.Hsci. B.App.Hsci) a Chiropractor in regional Victoria, Australia. I come from a long family history of natural health practitioners and grew up thinking our way of thinking is how everyone thought. Through my university training and on the ground interactions with patients every week I have found that this isn’t the case. 

We are conditioned to wait for a test, or someone other than ourselves to acknowledge we have an issue. Once we get diagnosed with something then this becomes a label we carry around with us. Ruling what we do, how we treat ourselves and how we function going forward.

What I want to show you is a framework and mindset to get control of your health. No matter if your test results have come back normal, or you have been diagnosed with an illness. Chronic illnesses often arise from smaller symptoms that are neglected and treated as normal because they’re so common. Unfortunately these symptoms add up over time, and once severe cellular damage has occurred you can be diagnosed with a certain condition. A diagnosis is a label given to a group of symptoms, and while necessary for the current system to know how to treat you, I want you to be able to understand your own symptoms, address the underlying dysfunction and ultimately be your own lifesaver. 

I use this way of thinking with all of my patients, and am so excited to be able to share it with you, wherever you are in the world. We’re changing the face of healthcare so that you, and the generations to come aren’t just living longer lives, but living better, healthier lives.

1 in 2 people have a Chronic Illness
Chronic Illness 50%
0 %
of people worldwide have Irritable Bowel
Chronic Disease Burden
Total Disease Burden 61%

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