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Chemical Triggers for Stress

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Chemical stressors are surprisingly abundant in the modern era. We are surrounded by foods that are genetically modified and/or sprayed with herbicides and pesticides. We apply petrochemical-rich products to our bodies in order to look and smell good. We take drugs to mask issues that have a deeper cause; like headaches, inflammation, menstrual difficulties; PCOS, endometriosis, heavy, irregular. We eat processed foods, and in some cases live with environmental pollutants. All of these are external chemical triggers for stress. There can also be internal chemical triggers. When the chemical balance of your body is thrown off by inflammation or a sustained chronic stress response, you may struggle with internal chemical stressors: Hormone imbalances, depression and anxiety, leaky gut syndrome and autoimmune disorders to name a few. Under a chronic stress response our demand for cortisol and blood sugar is high. Through a series of hormonal events we end up with high cholesterol, high oestrogen, high demand for insulin, and a thyroid that doesn’t work as it should. Restoring balance by reducing or removing the chronic triggers that keep activating your stress response will reduce the chronic inflammation that is the root cause of chronic disease.   For a step by step guide for what to do, check out our 1 week online video series here.