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Emotional Triggers for Stress

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Emotional triggers for stress are often the ones we think of first – that’s relationship stressor, that bill you can’t pay, or that exam you are worried about. Emotional triggers for stress may be past, present or even anxiety over the future. Interesting to note that women between the ages of 15-24 report suffering from anxiety twice as much. Is it that women are more conditioned to sharing their feelings or is it that there is a hormonal link? As we know that oestrogen levels rise when we are under stress. It can be easy to think that it’s just in the mind, but emotional triggers for stress still raise our heart rate, make us sweat and potentially kick off all the other aspects of the human stress response. If we don’t deal with that stress trigger, if we allow it to hang around for a long time, it can represent a big drain on the body’s resources. Think about about the last time you were really under the pump at work, or you had a fight with someone you love, or you just went through a divorce or break up. You don’t feel hungry do you? That’s because your body shunts the blood and nerve flow to your running and fighting muscles and away from your gut. Or we all have heard the stories about people trying and trying to fall pregnant with the emotional stress of going through IVF, working hard to save up the funds for their gorgeous bundle of joy. It doesn’t work so they give up trying, and low and behold they fall pregnant! The emotional stress that was caused had been removed which helped all of the females hormones restore back to balance, and her body felt it was ‘safe’ to fall pregnant. Don’t underestimate emotional triggers for stress. Emotion isn’t just in your head. It can affect your whole body., and your body can affect your emotions. Just as if you when you’re under emotional strain it affects our gut, when our gut is under strain it can affect our emotional state of mind. It’s always important to speak up and find someone who will help you look outside the box.   Find an SD Listed health professional near you