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Physical Triggers of Stress

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Stress can be physical: think of a physical injury you had; a sprained ankle, broken arm, car accident. All of these physical traumas cause our body to activate the stress response, which is what we want in this acute stage of trauma. Posture can also trigger stress. When we look down at our phones all day, we mimic the forward head posture that is part of the fight or flight response. It tells our brains something is wrong, and in response, our brain mans the battle stations. So it’s time to be thinking about what you’re doing on a daily basis that’s driving your head forward, because along with the chronic headaches, belt line back pain and shoulder pain, this posture is telling your brain “you need to get ready to run or fight,” consequently triggering your body’s stress response and causing a knock on effect to your gut, reproductive organs, hormone balance and immune system. Many of us know the importance of the foods we eat and the thoughts we think on our body, and you can read about them here. Don’t be mistaken! Your physical, chemical and emotional triggers all have an equal part to play on activating your stress response.