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SD Protocol Gold Coast Workshop
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Step 1. Online SD Protocol Course ➝ 24 CPD Points

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Do you want to increase your patient retention? And help make the health of your patients and the world better? 

Understanding the underlying cause of chronic disease and the link between the neurological, digestive, reproductive and immune system is where the future of healthcare is going, and our patients need us to understand that, and then know what to do. 

💻 Learn from anywhere at anytime with all the theory in our online component. Use this to get a taste for the SD Protocol and 24 LFA 

🧠 Learn the neurology behind sympathetic drive and the knock on effects it can create in the endocrine, immune, reproductive and body repair systems.

🔧 Master the simple tools that can calm the sympathetic nervous system and start implementing into your clinic.

📈 Grow your patient base through an influx of new, SD focussed patients.

🎓 Learn easily in an interactive learning environment, with written content as well as lots of videos. Go at your own pace, in your own time.

Step 2. Live Gold Coast Workshop ➝ 8 CPD Points

After completing the Online Course, you’ll be eligible to attend a LIVE one day workshop with Dr. Wayne Todd. Solidify your learning and get ready to put what you’ve learnt to the test.

We have changed things up dramatically here! So what’s the new layout?

👉🏻 Start with a summary and question time about the theory component, then the rest of the day is implementation. 

👉🏻 Practical training in Adjustments and how Chiropractors are well positioned to help patients

👉🏻 New Patient- Case report and Mock scenarios

👉🏻 Report of Findings- Mock Scenarios

👉🏻 More Practical Training


After completing both the Online and Workshop components you will be listed on the practitioner locator. FREE MARKETING

Need More Support? Bring Along Your CA's!

Your CA’s can help you implement the SD Protocol and help your practice grow 

Having your CA’s understand how you are helping patients is important for communication, job satisfaction and Patient retention. 

When you enrol a CA in the live workshop they get access to an Online video series they can watch and learn about SD Protocol before attending (aimed at a patient understanding level) and also get to attend the full day workshop with you.

Workshop Location TBD.

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