Fake Tan, Soy Lattes and Pushups- Bite Sized Ep

What does Fake Tan have to do with Soy Lattes and Pushups?

You may have heard the impacts soy products can have on female hormones. But we’ve most commonly got it around the wrong way.
If you’re someone who fake tans, drinks soy lattes, has tofu, lathers their sushi in soy sauce or is currently doing a pushup challenge at the gym you need to listen.

You could be impacting your female hormones and creating an imbalance that contributes to:
– Heavy Periods
– Clotting
– Long Periods
– Endometriosis
– And some female cancers.

With summer time coming up, its a great time to have a look at what fake tan you may be using, and how it could be stuffing up your natural cycles.