HIIT and your Morning Coffee- Bite Sized Ep

Understanding that HIIT workouts may not be what your body needs, is important. You can use these tools to understand whether or not your should be doing hit and when you should be drinking your morning coffee.

Join Dr. Anthea with this is a new bite sized ep on Morning HIIT or high intensity interval training and Coffee before 9am, we’ve had a few of our listeners ask us to do an episode on this so I thought i’d touch on this before the end of the year.

It seems like HIIT classes have been THE workout of choice over the last couple of years. I think it’s partly due to this mentality we have with everything; that we need to get in as much as we can in as little amount of time as we can, from taking work calls in the car, working on plane flights, squeezing in multiple different catch ups every weekend, out doing the last platter we made, scrolling through our phones mid conversation, and online shopping whilst watching TV.

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