SD Protocol

Achieve greater health

SD Protocol

Achieve greater health

Do you suffer from any of the following?

  • > Tight shoulders and neck muscles?
  • > Regular headaches that worsen as the day progresses?
    > Do you feel cold?
    > Do you feel tired?
  • > Do you have brittle skin, brittle nails and does your hair fall out?
  • > Are you experiencing digestive issues and/or hormonal issues?
  • > Are you sensative to light or sound?

Why SD Protocol is different

We train practitioners to think differently when it comes to their patients, and by looking at how the whole body works, we aim to connect seemingly “unrelated” symptoms. Now, when you come along looking for help, you can find a practitioner that understands and knows what to do.

Are you an SD Patient or Practitioner?

The SD Protocol is a framework for assessing health. If you’re a healthcare practitioner, we offer training on how to implement the protocol and become the go to practitioner in your community. In short, the SD Protocol may help you change your patients lives.

If you’re a patient or member of the public, welcome! We’re here to help online through resources on ‘The State Of Me’ side, and get you in contact with a practitioner that may be able to help you.

Are you an SD Patient or Practitioner?

The SD Protocol Is A Framework For Assessing Health. If You’re A Healthcare Practitioner We Offer Training On How To Implement The Protocol And Become The Go To Practitioner For Your Community, In Short The SD Protocol May Help You Change Your Patients Lives.

If You’re A Patient Or Member Of The Public Welcome! We’re Here To Help Online, Through Resources On ‘The State Of Me’ Side, And Get You In Contact With A Practitioner That May Be Able To Help You.

Hear from Dr. Wayne Todd to learn more.

With 30 years of Clinical Experience, Dr Wayne has combined his experience with his further studies in Functional Neurology to develop the SD Protocol to help you get control of your body. Listen to what Dr. Wayne has to say.

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Do you want to help your patients on an entirely new level? Have you always wanted to know how all of the body systems integrate? Become the Practitioner your patients are longing for. The future is here…

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Changing your mindset around health can be daunting. We’re here for the whole process. Helping you understand your body, so you get back in the drivers seat of your health while training practitioners that know what you’re on about is what we’re here for!

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After completing our Online Advanced SD Practitioner Training, attend a live workshop. Select a location that suits you… After completing the live workshop, you’re eligible to become listed on our site.

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