SD Protocol

Achieve greater health

SD Protocol

Achieve greater health

Do you suffer from any of the following?

  • > Tight shoulders and neck muscles?
  • > Regular headaches that worsen as the day progresses?
    > Do you feel cold?
    > Do you feel tired?
  • > Do you have brittle skin, brittle nails and does your hair fall out?
  • > Are you experiencing digestive issues and/or hormonal issues?
  • > Are you sensative to light or sound?

Why SD Protocol is different

It’s not just about the right diet, exercising a certain way, or meditating. Your whole body has a default setting. If it is out of balance your whole body is affected. Getting control can be seem confusing, but with the SD Protocol it’s simple. Stop wasting money and time and get to the root cause of your chronic illness.

Hear from Dr. Wayne Todd to learn more.

With 30 years of Clinical Experience, Dr Wayne has combined his experience with his further studies in Functional Neurology to develop the SD Protocol to help you get control of your body. Listen to what Dr. Wayne has to say.

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Have you lost control of your health?

Signs and symptoms you’ve lost control;

Early Signs


Sensitivity to light and sound

Tight calves and hamstrings

Chronic shoulder tightness

Painful and or irregular periods

Hair falling out

Constipation/ Diarrhoea 

Feeling tired all the time


Late Signs

Diagnosed Thyroid Issue

Gallbladder removed


Diagnosed with PCOS and or Endometriosis

Autoimmune disorder

Taking anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication


Difficulty losing weight


Being struck down with seemingly random symptoms or recently being diagnosed with an illness can be daunting. We’re here for the whole process.

Free Video Book Series

Valued at $39.97, Learn more about the SD Protocol with this FREE video series. Learn about the core imbalance that leads to chronic illness, and what you can do about it

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“‘The SD Protocol’ is written by Dr. Wayne Todd and compiles over 30 years of clinical experience to explain how your chronic issues with hormonal imbalance, digestive issues, autoimmunity, headaches, insomnia and more are linked back to a core imbalance in your body. Find out how, by reading “The SD Protocol.”

After something specific for you?

Find online appointments with Dr. Wayne Todd, webinars and workshops with Dr. Anthea, videos, how to guides and online programs… all designed to help you get control of your health.

Become a SD Practitioner

Join the growing community of regulated health practitioners that are up- skilling themselves to understand how the body is interconnected to help patients identify and correct the underlying cause of their chronic health issues with the SD Protocol Training.