Live Life

on your terms

Live Life

on your terms


Are you doing the right type of exercise? Are you moving enough? Or are you moving too much? We’ll show you the best way to; move your body, hold your body throughout the day and the hidden signs that your physical posture could be affecting your reproductive, immune, digestive and overall health.


Are you a person that exercises and eats healthy but can’t seem to lose weight? Do you find yourself with skin rashes or issues with reflux or autoimmune disorder? We show you how to look at your whole body and connect the dots, because chronic illness is made from chronic dysfunction.


Do you suffer from anxiety, excessive worrying? Are you someone who wishes they had more control over their emotions? Learn how looking at your chemical and physical health can help your emotional health. For people who want to change the world or just get out of bed in the morning.

What we want for you

We want everyone to have control of their health.  
We exist because no one knows how their body works, so we need to show them.

Our Mission

To cut through the BS.
Teach you how your body works in a simple, fun and entertaining way so that you can seek out tools to get control of your health.

Oh and we also train Health Professionals in how the body is connected too.
Every girl needs a practitioner in their life that they trust. We got you girl.

Chronic Illness

Do you ever hear your car making a strange noise, but instead of investigating the cause, you turn the music up louder and just hope

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